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Play the most realistic Oil Transport game. This game is not just transporting the oil from one place to other. You will be playing as the tycoon of oil kingdom, but you will have to do all the stuff of your own. You have to become tycoon and for that you have to do all the tasks one by one and then earn. Extract oil from the sea mine and then transport it to the refinery.

In this game all the levels are unique and each level is designed with lot of adventure. Every level is different in its way and all the adventure you will feel while playing this game is realistic. Extract oil from sea and transport to refinery. Once you transport the oil to refinery, crude oil then will be filtered into various oils and gases.

Transport the Petrol/Diesel to the bunks in the city and you will have to transport these oil from trains and other vehicles in some levels. The more you transport, more vehicles and industries will run on the fuel you supply. Do not stop delivering the oil until you reach all the targets.